Is your brand communication geared to the future

A Rapidly changing consumer market will force brands to actively engage as a member of the community, rather than merely market and communicate their products or services. It will mean brands communicate and demonstrate their purpose and value systems, at a time when customers confidently reject those that do not represent their own values. In

PR: We need more Women in Leadership Role

“The number of women in the PR industry has consistently increased over the years and it continues to grow. At entry levels, the ratio of female to male hires today is approximately 3:1, as per a recent PR Week Article. Despite this, the gender stereotypes in the industry glare at you. The age-old one that

COVID-I9 Impact: 7 Key ‘To Do’s’

Here is the first thing I want to candidly tell all of you reading this article upfront – don’t know what is ahead and what is in store. And if anyone tells you otherwise, well there is a word called kite flying which more aptly sums their prediction. Even with that uncertainty, there are few