Working with us

Life@PRHUB – Formal client or business meetings with us reveal only one fourth of our passion, energy, creativity and love for what we do. You have got to be part of us to truly know who we are! Don’t take our word for it, take a sneak peek.


Learning & Development : We don’t bust PR myths only with customers. We are breaking it ourselves! If you believe that good communication skills and smart dressing will together make you a great PR practitioner, if you love meeting new people all the time and that is the reason you chose a PR career, we are helping you and many other PR practitioners’ reskill. Reskill to think and behave like knowledge consultants, to invest in understanding customer businesses, vertical markets and macro-economic policies that influence communication strategy and PR messaging. We are encouraging our executives to adopt ‘the New PR’ approach too.


KickStart – KickStart is our orientation and induction program for fresh PR graduates. It provides hands-on training in:


  • Writing skills
  • Working with media and understanding news agenda
  • Social PR
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Corporate and email etiquette


FastTrack – The program identifies young executives demonstrating promise and potential to grow into managerial roles early in their career.

Trains them to develop skills in:

  • Client account planning
  • Ongoing client account management and planning
  • Team management and planning skills
  • Ideation and communication campaign planning skills
  • Presentation skills


Ignite – Is our leadership development program for Sr.Managers and executives including


  • Equipping them to plan for and manage business units or branches and teams with a focus on macro -growth and profitability.
  • Managing end-to-end and integrated communication mandates for clients
  • Strategy, planning and brand roadmap development for clients
  • Presenting a PRHUB new business pitch