If not Anna Jarvis had held a memorial for her mother at West Virginia after her mother passed away in 1905 and taken the effort to start a campaign to recognise Mother’s Day as a holiday in the United States, the day as we celebrate today, might had not even existed. But that would have no way made any difference to what ‘Mothers’ mean to us. It’s probably the only bond and relationship that have remained constant over the ages although with changing time, mothers have honed multiple roles and taken over newer thresholds of responsibilities. The magnitude of relentless strength that is reflected in the diverse roles that mothers play today – it would not be incorrect to term them as Mother 3.0. In earlier days, they said that cinemas were mirrors of the society, one of the greatest influences in modern life. Today, brands have taken up this role and have made greater impact by voicing issues that have been under veil for a really long time. One of the most significant portrayal has been the changing role of evolving mother and why their voices need to be accepted and heard by the society which still grapples with its dichotomy and hypocrisy.

Indian Ads industry has given a beautiful tribute to Motherhood with their in-depth creatives and radical thoughts. From just Mothers to Mothers 3.0, the evolving ‘Mother’ in Indian ads echoes the fact that roles change but a mother’s essence remains the same. Let’s talk about few such ads that have changed perceptions or rather have attempted it!

Tanishq Remarriage ad 


That the need for the society to change the typical Indian value system where mothers teach their child that life is about marrying once is what this extraordinary Tanishq ad is all about. It has attempted to break the taboos of remarriage and at the same time brilliantly celebrated the positivity and love that can emerge out of a second marriage even if the bride happens to be a mother. It definitely showed that widowhood is not end of life and for a mother to remarry is not atrocious either; but what was more appealing was the warmth and purity that reflected in the mother’s eyes for her daughter even when she was stepping ahead to take on a new journey once again.

Prega News Ads


Prega News, Prega News, a pregnancy detection card brand, took pregnancy issues to the next level with their ad that targeted the subject of Postpartum depression among mothers, a very less spoken but critical issue faced by every mother today. Postpartum Depression is a harsh reality and one in five new mothers in India suffers from postpartum depression. Most of the women return to work not having completely recovered from or are fully aware that they are suffering from postpartum depression making them prone to insecurity, irritability, loss in confidence and misunderstandings in workplace. The ad have given a new platform to balance the work and life for a Mother 3.0.



Women need to keep apprehension behind and take on the career wheel and everything will fall in place is what the Diycam Wireless IP Security Camera: Ek Naya Nazariya wanted to voice up. The portrayal of the fear and apprehension of a mother who resumes office but had to leave her child behind with the newly appointed baby sitter showcased the reality that every mother faces on re-joining work. The need to break free from unnecessary fear and guilt and the possibility that advanced technology and support system can bring for an ambitious mother of today is what makes the ad memorable.

Canon Reunion Trips Ad.


The shift from being unconventional to the new cool mom, Indian ads have attempted to bring forth the new mom concepts in every possible way. The warming up to new generation thoughts and ideals, fashion like colored hair, tattoos, by the older ones and that too in relationships, like mother and daughter and a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Canon Reunion Trips Ad had definitely lived up to the bold choice that Mother 3.0 is not only about new generations but also the changing earlier ones.

Ads will continue to entertain and bring in newer trends and thoughts that sometimes society is afraid to talk about. The evolving Indian advertisement industry has helped mothers evolve too, for a future that is better and beautiful!

Nabanita Ghosh is Consultant – Brand Communications at PRHUB.

A seasoned communication professional with a demonstrated history of working in PR industry for close to 6 years now and servicing clients in diverse sectors ranging from education to technology.